“Laws of Everything” and the Digital Economy

Written by Adetokunbo Onikosi – Partner AOCATERNIZ

The buzzword around ICT circles in Nigeria these days is “Broadband” technically it refers to high-speed data transmissions over the internet using different technologies such as; 4G, LTE and WIM AX -the Broadband ecosystem comprises of the Networks, devices, applications and Content. This presupposes that a lot of Bandwidth will be required to transmit large amounts of Voice, data and video information at accelerated Megabits or terabytes per second. A common scenario for Nigerian businesses is when you want to download work related documents from a server located several miles across the Atlantic and you literally can go and make a cup of coffee while you wait for your document to download ;coupled with public electricity access bottlenecks that greatly hinder productivity. This equates to a low Broadband quality index and a digital divide gap.[1]



The African Continent has witnessed significant changes since the advent of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the region within the past two decades, this revolution which has engulfed the entire world is visible through the immense capabilities of the internet, seamless communications provided by telecommunications networks and the more recent advancements in digital broadcasting; which promises better pictures and sound, uses spectrum more efficiently, allows for more interactivity and opens up new economic and competitive paradigms. (more…)