AOCTERNIZ has organized its law Business in such a way that it can respond to the needs of its esteemed CLIENTS. The goal of the Firm is to be able to offer personalized Legal services to the client wherever the client may be. We believe in presenting clients with fair/ competitive charges and disbursements incurred in connection with any assignment. The Firm bills for external charges at the actual cost billed by the vendor and charges for internal support services at rates derived from internal cost analysis and quantified pecuniary value of the transaction.

Each instruction is attended to by a solicitor who is a specialist in the relevant area of law that the client requires. The client is assured of prompt response to all legal issues; considering the exigencies of multi-jurisdictions and global economic cycles. Services may include offering legal opinions, review of business/technical transaction documents, attending meetings on behalf of the client, drafting contractual documents and litigation after all other conflict remedies have been exhausted.

Our hourly billing statements may at the discretion of the firm be submitted to the client for payment on monthly basis, while a consultation fee and or retainer amount may be required for new clients. Charges can be modified at anytime in compliance with statute or prevailing market rates. Kindly contact the firm for more information.